Paris Show cancellation announcement

Dear Fans,

It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that our show in Paris on Nov 29th is cancelled. The local promoter „Black Speech Productions“ has left us high and dry. He seems to have completely vanished - he is not answering any of our emails or phone calls and has not upheld any of the terms of the contract we have with him. Our Partner French Agency has informed us that it seems that he is bankrupt and has recently abandoned several other shows (for example Lordi).

For us it is a really hard blow to suddenly find that we cannot play this show, as we've been desperately looking forward to seeing you all again after so many years. We hope that everybody gets a refund of his ticket and we hope to see you very soon at another U.D.O. show.

Please accept our deepest apologies for the cancellation but it is completely out of our hands!

And please note that we are absolutely definitely going to play the show in Strasbourg Nov 30th, which is also the very last show of our European Tour 2022.

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